Frequently asked questions

  • What is the price of your services?

    The price can be various depending on the package of services you have chosen. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the price of medical services will not increase – we do not have extra charges for medical services.

  • Would it be more reasonable to choose the clinic directly?

    You may address the clinic directly, but in this case nobody can guarantee efficiency and care. Moreover, the clinic is not responsible for your accommodation, meeting you at the airport or railway station, provision of consumer services. This can be explained by the lack of time that the clinic’s personnel has to assist you. If you are planning visit to Ukraine by yourself, you may choose “wrong” hotel or even medical institution. Our specialists are regularly monitoring clinics, level of services provided and qualification of medical workers on the basis of public opinion. We have the latest information about business reputation of medical institutions, and conduct monitoring of hotels and real estate companies.

    Medical tourists usually ask many questions, for instance: “How can I organize my flight?”, “Will my accommodation look like at the Web site?”, “What is the qualification level of doctors in charge of surgery?”.
    It would be difficult to find answers by yourself. That is why you can trust organization of your visit with us! We guarantee the services of the highest quality.

  • Do you work with groups?

    We do not have any limits with regard to the number of persons being serviced at the same time. You should contact us in advance to specify if there are available places in clinics and to organize your visit in a timely manner. Moreover, our company is planning to launch corporate service for clients in the nearest future.

  • Do you organize sanatorium-and-spa treatment?

    We cooperate with the best Ukrainian sanatoria.

  • You have mentioned “Private manager” in list of your services. Can you specify his/her functions?

    Yes, we provide the services of “Private manager”.
    This is your assistant during your stay in Ukraine. He/she will meet you at the time of your arrival, book a flat or hotel room and accompany you up to the doctor’s office. Your private manager will be in touch with you round-the-clock and efficiently solve any problems.